Restoration goes a looonnggg way! Woodland

An important habitat for bushbird species

Hear all about it!

Rottnest’s Woodland habitat is a key habitat for 43 species of bushbird and is made up of two types of tree. These are the Rottnest Island Pine and the Rottnest Island Tea Tree. These species are native to the Island and used to cover over half of its landmass.

Clearing for farm land and firewood done by early European settlers, along with controlled fire damage, reduced the size of Rottnest’s Woodland Community. The remaining trees cover only 4% of the Island and survive in scattered, small groups known as ‘stands’.

Since 1963, the Rottnest Island Authority has been undertaking woodland restoration to preserve this Threatened Ecological Community and the animals and birds it supports.

Woodland restoration activities include seed collection, propagation (plant reproduction), planting and weed control. Since 1995, only the two native island tree species have been planted.

On your visit to the Island, you will see the woodland restoration underway in some fenced areas where young trees are growing.

Restoring Rottnest's Woodland habitat

  • Do use water wisely on the island
  • Do keep to marked paths
  • Do dispose of your litter correctly