A highly modified habitat Settlement

The activities of people have changed this habitat dramatically

Hear all about it!

The Settlement area is a highly modified habitat, due to human impact and on-going development. The urban landscape is particular evident in the main Settlement (Thomson Bay), Geordie Bay settlement and the Kingstown Barracks.

There are many introduced (non-native) plant species that grow in the main Settlement and along the roads and pathways. Some of these plants were brought to the Island on purpose in the 19th Century for gardens, orchards, to create shade and to replace cut-down trees. Examples of these sorts of plants are the Norfolk Island pine, Tuart and Coastal Moort. Other plants were brought by accident like onion weeds.

The daily movement of people, goods, vehicles and machinery can bring seeds or plant material onto the Island which can be harmful for the native species. Visitors can help keep the habitats of Rottnest Island healthy by not bringing plant material with them on their visit.

  • Do use water wisely on the island
  • Do keep to marked paths
  • Do dispose of your litter correctly
  • Do ride carefully on the Island