Out of the woods and into the heath Scrub Heath

Now covering most of the Island, Scrub Heath has become the dominant habitat due to the disappearance of woodland.

Hear all about it!

Over 60% of the Island is covered by scrub heath. As the woodland disappeared, the heathland became the dominant habitat type. Heath is now the main form of vegetation on Rottnest and provides the key habitat for Rottnest’s reptiles. The main plants which form the heath are the Prickle Lily and the Feather Speargrass. Part of the reason for the Prickle Lily’s success is that Quokkas rarely eat it.

There are also many annual and perennial plants. Annual plants like the Rottnest Island Daisy go through their whole life-cycle in one growing season. Perennial plants live for many growing seasons (each winter, the top portion of the plant dies back and then regrows from the same roots in the spring). An example of this type of plant is the Cockies’ Tongue. Grey Cottonhead, Cockies’ Tongues and the Rottnest Island Daisy all grow on the Island’s heathland along with the Summer Scented Wattle which forms a closed scrub.

  • Do use water wisely on the island
  • Do keep to marked paths when walking or cycling
  • Do dispose of your litter correctly