September 21 2016


Benchmarking the Island's seagrass habitats

The citizen science community group Western Australian Divers for Diversity Incorporated (WADDI) were under water in the Island's Marine Reserve this week conducting surveys of the seagrass communities at key locations including Parker Point.

This research venture is the second consecutive year where the group has collected benchmark information on seagrass habitats found in the nearshore areas around Rottnest Island as part of a long-term monitoring plan.


Information collected on the research dives includes both qualitative and quantitative data, providing insight to species diversity of seagrass, abundance and health of the habitat. Based on the data collected, maps of seagrass habitats can be generated and assists in future management of the marine environment.

Find out more about the Island's Seagrass Meadows habitat.

Photos courtesy of; Jonathan Anderson (diver) and Kevin Smith (group on beach), WADDI