April 4 2017


Another breeding season that ROCKED for our resident Rock Parrots

This is a massive accomplishment as Rottnest Island’s Rock Parrot population (and populations state-wide) have declined significantly over the last decade due to housing and recreational developments and local predators such as cats, foxes and rats. The removal of young birds for the pet trade has also threatened the species survival.

However, in recent seasons Rock Parrot breeding has become more successful and this is especially evident on our very own Rottnest Island! In 2012 there were just six birds known to be residing on Rottnest Island and now this is estimated to have doubled. 

Breeding success is thanks to Bold Park Bird Branding Group for their dedication in assisting with the recovery of this iconic species. This group have been working together with The Rottnest Island Authority to increase Rock Parrots numbers over the past few years and let’s just say, their work ROCKS!

A note to bird keen watchers…
Rock Parrots are about the size and appearance of a domestic budgie and are commonly seen around North Thomson Bay near Duck Rock.

We need YOUR help!
Research is currently being conducted to understand more about Rock Parrots on Rottnest Island - and we need your help to improve the conservation of this iconic bird. If you spot a Rock Parrot, please capture as many details possible on the sighting, including date, time, location, number of birds and band colour(s). Please email this information to