September 19 2016

Rottnest News

Quokka's featured in Channel 10’s ‘The Living Room’!

The stunning and unique Rottnest Island was featured in an episode of The Living Room in July 2016. Dr Chris Brown, also famously known as the Bondi Vet, was lucky enough to spend a day on the Island, enjoying a range of activities and spending some quality time with our quokka's.

Dr Chris Brown boarded a chopper to visit Rottnest Island by air, witnessing a breathtaking aerial view of the Island. The beautiful colours of the Island including the Pink Lake and the turquoise waters of the ocean is certainly a sight to be seen. After an exhilarating helicopter ride, Chris tried his hand at snorkeling. He was amazed at the variety of coral and fish Rottnest had on display - some not even found off the mainland of Western Australia. 

After drying off after his fun adventures exploring Rottnest's underwater playground, Dr Chris Brown showed his competitive streak and challenged some staff from the local businesses to play a few rounds of Archery Tag at the Rottnest Island Country Club. If you haven't experienced Archery Tag yet, we can let you know it's a relatively new game which is a mix of Lasertag, Archery and Paint Ball. We're not sure Chris had planned this challenge very well, singlehandedly attempting to take on seven very talented staff from Subway and The Lane.  

After a humiliating defeat in Archery Tag, Chris headed back towards settlement to soak up the quokka's infectious happiness. In true Bondi Vet style, Dr Chris Brown, aka the animal whisperer, snapped a very happy quokka selfie which went viral world wide. The famous vet showed respect for our unique little quokka's, even taste-testing the quokka's natural diet of leaves and shrubs. He encouraged all visitors not to feed quokka's 'human' food, as it is extremely bad for their health. For both his and the quokka's safety, he also advised against touching or harming the quokka's in anyway when visiting the Island. 

Dr Chris Brown loved his Rottnest Island adventures and was even more thrilled by topping his day with a happy quokka selfie.