February 20 2017


Taking Groundwater For Granted

During our everyday lives, groundwater is to some degree “out of sight, out of mind.” Let’s face it, this water is underground and pretty easy to forget about, only most of us use it every day and we all need it to survive. Water is one, if not our most valuable resource that we desperately need to conserve.

“Around 60% of groundwater withdrawn worldwide is used for agriculture”, says The Groundwater Association.

What does this have to do with Rottnest Island? 

Rottnest Island currently produces around 167 megalitres of desalinated water and extracts around 20 megalitres of groundwater each year. This sounds like a lot, however it does not meet the demand of the tourist population in Summer! 

Luke Murphy from Murdoch University says "Day visitors are estimated to consume 100 litres of water per day and overnight visitors can consume more than 250 litres, so the extra tourism population is a serious concern".

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