September 22 2016


Frogs hold the key to wetland health

Rottnest Island is home to three frog species, including the Moaning Frog (Heleioporus eyrei), Squelching Froglet (Crinia insignifera) and Western Green Tree Frog or Motorbike Frog (Litoria moorei).

Data collection on these species is vital as the abundance and distribution of frogs over time is an important indicator of the health of aquatic ecosystems as frogs are very sensitive to changes in their environment. 

It is over the cooler, wet months of Autumn to Spring where the life cycle of frogs are most active and our environmental staff bound into action collecting information from nine sites on frog populations. Data collected includes the number of frogs calling, species and number of frogs sighted, number of burrows, water quality and number of tadpoles.


This data is reported within the Island's Terrestrial Conservation Action Plan (CAP), where Wetlands are a focal conservation target. The Terrestrial CAP was developed based on The Nature Conservancy's Conservation Action Planning process.

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