February 6 2017


Australia Keen to Clean In 2017

Australia has one of the most unique natural environments in the world and is home to a huge variety of wildlife. Unfortunately for us, the masses of rubbish we create and litter is threatening the future of our beloved, biodiverse country.

Sunday the 5th of March is Clean Up Australia Day when Rottnest encourages all Australians to get their hands dirty for their country. Clean Up Australia Day has been an annual event since 1992 with thousands of schools, businesses and individuals taking part.

Over the years, a total of 2,223 primary schools and 1,119 youth groups have participated in the event nation-wide.

Clean Up Australia Day encourages Aussies to not only ‘stash their trash’ but to ‘reuse, reduce and recycle.”  So remember to separate recyclable goods from general rubbish so it all doesn’t end up in landfill!

The aim of the event is to encourage our present generations to partake in sustainable practices that conserve the local environment for future generations to enjoy. 

This event is for anyone and everyone in Australia to enjoy and participate.

So get amongst it Australia and team up for the big clean up!

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