December 30 2016


Solar Farm on Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island's vision is committed to maintaining a sustainable power, gas and water supply and minimising environmental impacts, including greenhouse gas emissions. Renewable energy technologies are continually improving, allowing us to obtain energy from natural resources that can be constantly replenished.

To assist us with our sustainable goals, a new 600 kW solar farm will be completed early in 2017. This new solar farm will greatly increase the amount of renewable energy generation on the Island. Renewable energy is expected to increase from 30% of the power supply to 45%, which is a significant proportion and will deliver cost savings and emissions reductions through lowered consumption of diesel fuel.

The solar farm, wind turbine, diesel power station and desalination plant will be controlled by an advanced system to maximise the use of renewable energy by creating water at times of surplus renewable energy. This will greatly increase the amount of renewable energy available on the Island and reduce the Island’s reliance on diesel fuel.

Rottnest Island is internationally recognised as a must-visit, eco-friendly tourism destination. Sustainability is a key part of its long-term vision. Increasing renewable energy will significantly reduce the use of fossil fuels to generate the Island’s power, lowering the Island’s eco-footprint and ensuring a more sustainable energy future.

The solar project is an initiative of Hydro Tasmania, and is being delivered in partnership with the Rottnest Island Authority (RIA). The total project cost of approximately $6.5m and was funded by both the Australian Renewable Energy Authority (ARENA) and the RIA.

Making an effort to conserve and sustain our environment has never been more important and the small steps we take today will greatly impact the futures of generations to come. Everyone can play their part in helping to reduce our ecological footprint – here’s how you can help;

- Save power - turn off all lights and appliances when you head out for a swim or cycle.
- Use water sparingly. Remember many communities face water shortages (including Rottnest Island). Conserve water by taking a quick shower and turning off the tap when you brush your teeth.
- Carry a reusable water bottle (however keep in mind that drinking water is limited outside of the Main Settlement area so bring sufficient supplies for your Island adventures.
- Keep Rottnest Island beautiful - dispose of your rubbish responsibly.
- Do not touch or feed the Quokkas (or other wildlife). Help us conserve and sustain the wildlife for many more generations to enjoy!
- Do not bring flora or fauna to the island without pre-approval.
- Do not take flora or fauna from the Island (this includes shells and flowers).
- Recycle - it's vital!

Your admission fees contribute to the conservation of the Island and help us work towards long term sustainability as a self-funded tourism destination. If you would like more information about sustainability on Rottnest Island, please visit

View the Solar Farm Project fact sheet.

- The Rottnest Island Team