November 3 2017


Extinct native species found on Rottnest Island!

Over the past four years the Rottnest Environment team have been working in collaboration with botanical experts from the Rottnest Voluntary Guides Association to create a herbarium, a collection of preserved plant specimens and associated data for scientific study. 

So far, 190 species have been collected including 82 introduced species, five new native flora species and two priority species.

Excitingly, seven native species previously presumed extinct have also been recorded and one of these is the Southern Forget-me-not or the Myosotis australis.

We’re not just busy collecting samples from land species, but also venture into the water to collect samples of seagrasses and aquatic species from swamps.

We appreciate the assistance of the Rottnest Voluntary Guides Association to conduct surveys as well as plant identification for the ongoing management of our unique flora and vegetation on the island.