Explore the trails of the Wadjemup Bidi

Keen to explore Rottnest Island? Traverse the Island’s unique landscapes along the Wadjemup Bidi; a series of walk trails that will take you across spectacular coastal headlands, past stunning inland lakes and encounter both natural and man-made attractions along the way.

Rottnest wildlife

The Whadjuk Noongar are the Traditional Owners of Rottnest Island (Wadjemup). As such, the name of this 45 kilometre trail that takes in both cultural and environmental significant landmarks reflects this heritage. The word "Bidi" in Noongar means "trail" or "track".

Along each of the five sections of trail, signage provides opportunity to learn more about the Island's attributes. The materials used for the pathway and stairs have been chosen with sustainability in mind and are made of composite fibre (a mixture of recycled plastic and fibreglass).


The 5 sections of the 45km Wadjemup Bidi are:

  • Ngank Yira Bidi (9.4km/ one way approx. 2-4hrs): Completed in December 2013, this section traverses the south east corner of the Island - Thomson Bay to Oliver Hill. Approximately 9.4km in distance, you'll explore the remnants of Coastal Defence systems installed during WWII.
  • Gabbi Karniny Bidi (9.7km/ loop approx. 2-4hrs): Starting from Thomson Bay Settlement and heading west out of Digby Drive, this section meanders through the lake systems including a magical stroll along the Lakes Boardwalk which provides the façade of “walking on water”.
  • Wardan Nara Bidi (10km/ one way approx. 2-4hrs): Explore the beauty of Salmon Bay and use the trail cut towards Oliver Hill to see the impressive World War II guns. The trail then follows on to Wadjemup Lighthouse where you can take a tour to the top for stunning panoramic views.
  • Karlinyah Bidi (5.9km/ one way approx. 1.5-3hrs): Beautiful long sandy beaches and calm swimming lagoons within the reef; there will be a favourite spot for everyone. Enjoy the excitement of rugged sections of trail, but be aware of seasonal access in high seas.
  • Ngank Wen Bidi (7.6km/ one way approx. 2-4hrs): 1 km walkable - full trail coming soon! A marine wildlife haven! New Zealand fur seals can be seen from the viewing platform at Cathedral Rocks. The West End boardwalk is a great place to spot dolphins, and the seasonal migration of humpback whales!

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